A Message from Chef Ashbell-Happy New Year 2017!

We have introduced several new products to tremendous support from artisanal markets: Our Wild Norwegian Smoked Salmon and Salmon Pastrami, Hot and Spicy Jamaican Jerked Chicken, and Slum Dog Millionaire Mumbai Spicy Fruit Chutney.

Many were sellouts at every market, with clients shipping our products as holiday gifts to grace tables in London, Bristol, Paris & Tokyo! There are more new products being introduced in 2017. We are adjusting our website to accommodate online sales and will be re-launching by February 1st. Please leave your email address to be the first to try new offerings. I  would like to thank Eve Kaplan Walbrecht of Garden of Eve Farm and the Carroll Gardens Brooklyn CSA, the first CSA to embrace our signature turkey pastrami. Thanks to Farm To City Markets, Pennsylvania. A shout out to supporters at Down To Earth Market, along with Good Wine & Postit Café in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Brooklyn's in the house!
Chef Ashbell McElveen


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